Friday, August 26, 2011

Opening credits

Hi, i'm Grayz and this is the entry where I tell you why i've started this blog. The reasons are many, but long story short, i'm here to share my thoughts and ideas on various topics that have to do with life goals. What I mean by that is goals that can have something to do with health, relationships, learning, economics or anything else that I find interesting.

I'll write on this blog and use it as a diary as I dive through the ocean of life which is filled with loads of interesting caves beneath the surface. This is my 2nd official blog and the first covered the online game World of Warcraft. I use two different profiles for my blogs by the way and the name of my first blog is WoW or Gold. If the game ever gets a hold of me again i'll update that blog. Until then this is where things will grow. Don't be surprised if mentions of WoW are mixed with economics since making gold was one of my major interests and the motivation stemmed from my aspirations to become wealthy in real life. A goal which still is in full motion.

Besides writing I want to get in touch with other people that have goals and various ways to achieve them. I have a variety of interests, so I might create more than one blog depending on what topics I get into. One thing is for certain, I won't have any idea what i'll choose to write about since i'll write what comes to mind. I write as I think and try to adjust it to the reader, so that it is readable, but even if the only reader would be me, i'd be fine, since writing officially on the internet makes me more effective.

So much for keeping it short.
Take care for now!